About Us


We have two styles of chalets available here at the Cat Haven Cattery. Our standard chalet will comfortably accommodate two cats with an exercise area of 4’ x 8’ and a sleeping area of 4’ x 4’, allowing ample room for your cat. Our family suites boast a 7’ x 8’ exercise area and a sleeping area of 7’ x 4’.

All of our accommodation is individually thermostatically controlled, as well as having sun shades, to ensure that the optimum temperature for your cat is maintained at all times.

All chalets are completely separated from each other, with a semi-opaque sneeze-proof barrier between neighbouring accommodation.

The chalets are further protected by an enclosed safety corridor running the entire length of the cattery. The entire cattery is alarmed and monitored by CCTV.


A wide range of diets are available here to ensure that your cat can continue to eat their favourite food during their stay with us. Prescription/veterinary diets will require you to provide the food for your cat’s stay.

Generally, cats are fed on a twice daily basis, however, we can cater to your cat’s schedule if required.


We are happy to administer all types of medication. Please ensure to give us prior notice and bring the relevant medication with veterinary label attached.


As standard we use a non-irritant VetBed® and fleece blankets to ensure your cat’s comfort. We are more than happy for you to bring a favourite blanket or similar item to settle your cat into the cattery using the scents of home.


The cattery maintains the highest standard of hygiene and cleanliness due to our meticulous cleaning regime. As standard Anigene® high level disinfectant is our cleaning product of choice which works excellently with our anti-slip tile flooring and non-porous wipeable surfaces.