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Cat Haven Luxury Boarding Cattery

Leysdown Road Eltham 02088578805


Welcome to Cat Haven Luxury Boarding Cattery!


We are a small family run cattery situated in Eltham, licensed annually by the local authority The Royal Borough of Greenwich.


We are dedicated to providing your cat with a happy, loving, contented and safe place to stay whilst you are away.


Your cat's happiness and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us, we have seven of our own cats who we dote upon and whilst your cat is staying at the cattery we will treat them as we would our own, giving them plenty of love and attention as well as tending to their own individual requirements. To us cats are not pets they are part of the family, and should be treated so!


We welcome you to come and view the cattery and to meet us so we can reassure you that your cat will have the very best of care and attention and you can share with us your cats own personal requirements and any concerns you may have can be answered.




Our chalets can accommodate single, double or families of cats (same family only). Cats from separate households are never allowed to mix.


All our chalets are full height, generously insulated and completely secure.


The standard chalets measure 4' by 8' for the daytime exercise area with the sleeping area measuring 4' by 4' allowing ample room for your cat. The family chalets have a 7' by 8' daytime exercise area with the sleeping area measuring at 7' by 4'.


Each chalet has its own automatic thermostatically controlled heating system which is provided all year round for your cats comfort.


The chalets are completely separated from each other with an opaque perspex sneeze proof barrier.


The chalets are further protected by an enclosed safety corridor running the entire length of the cattery.


The cattery is alarmed and monitored by CCTV.




We feed twice per day or more often if required.


We use a variety of high quality foods and can provide freshly cooked meat at a nominal fee.




We use Vet Bed non irritant and non allergenic bedding to provide warmth and comfort for your cat along with fleece blankets in hygenic ventilated beds.


You are most welcome to bring your own bedding if you would prefer.




We have daily meticulous cleaning routines and protocols within the cattery.


We use only the highest standard animal safe disenfectants.





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